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Easy-up and the multiple acessorie

About Easy-Up®

Vacuum plate / vacuum platform / vacuum holder – dear child has many names, but here at Handigood we call it Easy-Up.

With a single push, Easy-Up creates a vacuum and sucks an object onto its surface, at the same time as it sucks itself onto the tabletop. You can now work freely with the object without having to worry about it tipping over or sliding.

Aid for persons with semi-paralysis, gruth or reduced hand or arm function

Easy-Up® is one of our most popular products, and is an aid designed for you who are affected by arthritis, brain damage, paralysis or general functional impairment. However, it can be used by anyone who needs an extra hand.

Easy-Up® is available with accessory packs, which include the carton holder, soda holder, Easy-Mini for small items, Easy-Warm for pans and pots and Easy-Release for opening e.g. marmalade glass.

Easy-Up® can be used to hold food and drinks, bowls, pots, pans, pill glasses and anything else that can fit on the surface or in one of the accessories.

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Best aid for people with disabilities, paralysis or gout

Easy-Up® is one of our most popular products.

Objects placed on the platform, such as cans, kettles or bottles, are held in place by a vacuum while the Easy-Up is attached to the work surface.

You can work freely with the objects placed on the Easy-Up, and many everyday containers can be easily opened and closed with just one hand. As long as the unit is on, a vacuum is maintained, keeping the workpiece on the platform and the Easy-Up securely on the work surface.

When the Easy-Up is turned off, the vacuum is rapidly reduced and the object is released within three seconds.


Watch the video on the right, where Kristian gives an in-depth demonstration of how Easy-Up can help people who are affected by functional impairment.

See more demonstrations on our YouTube channel.

Easy-Up with accessories

Accessories for Easy-Up

Easy-Drink™ (ED-400)
Set of 2 holders for plastic bottles (PET 500ml) + 1 liter carton (Tetra Pak) + 330ml and ½l bottles.

Easy-Mini™ (EM-400)
Set with a round neoprene adapter for smaller objects and a rectangular neoprene adapter for square objects.

Easy-Warm™ (EH-400)
2 silicone rings for hot pots, pans etc. (max. 200°C)

Easy-Egg™ (EE-400)
Holder for eggs which makes it easy to peel eggs. Incl. mat to protect the neoprene surface.

Easy Release™ (EP-400)
Lid opener for glasses and other lids with negative pressure.

Easy-Cover™ (EC-400)
Set of 3 thin silicone cloths that protect your Easy-Up from getting dirty.