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Easy-Up – The extra hand that’s always ready to help


The vacuum holder, Easy-Up, is a tool for those who find themselves in need of a helping hand. Whether you’re cooking with a child in the kitchen, need to use both hands, have lost some hand strength with age, have arthritis, or any other reduced function in your hands, Easy-Up is here for you. 


Easy-Up acts as the helping hand that, with a single press, creates a vacuum to securely attach an object to its surface while also anchoring itself to the countertop. Now, you can freely work with the object without worrying about it tipping over or sliding.


An Easy-Up is particularly ideal for: 


Families with children 

  • Prevent spills and the need for constant supervision.
  • Make cooking fun.
  • An extra hand while holding a child.




  • Assistance for those lacking strength.
  • Frees up both hands.
  • Secures pots, bowls, etc.


Individuals with arthritis or weak hands 

  • Perform daily tasks without assistance.
  • Increases speed in the kitchen.
  • Enhances independence and self-reliance.


Individuals with hemiplegia 

  • Independence at home and on the go.
  • Makes challenging daily tasks possible.
  • Secures everything from bags to pots and hot pans.


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Welfare technology for everyone 


Easy-Up is one of our most popular products and is designed for anyone in need of an extra hand. It is welfare technology aimed at helping families with children, seniors, arthritis patients, and individuals with hemiplegia or other functional impairments in their arms and hands. 


Easy-Up is available with accessory packs, which include the carton holder, soda can holder, Easy-Mini for small objects, Easy-Warm for pans and pots, and Easy-Release for opening jars, like jam jars. 


Easy-Up can be used to secure food and beverages, bowls, pots, pans, pill jars, and anything else that fits on its surface or in one of the accessory parts. 


Objects placed on the platform are held in place by a vacuum while Easy-Up itself is attached to the work surface by the same vacuum. 


You can freely work with objects placed on Easy-Up, and many everyday containers can easily be opened and closed with just one hand. As long as the device is on, a vacuum is maintained, keeping the item on the platform and Easy-Up securely on the work surface. 


When Easy-Up is turned off, the vacuum quickly decreases, and the object is released. 


Versatility is key 


Easy-Up’s versatility makes it a useful tool for a wide range of users with different needs. Here are some examples of how it can be useful in the kitchen for various groups: 


Easy-Up can be used with children in the kitchen to hold small packets or containers of ingredients that children might find difficult to hold while pouring or measuring. This can make cooking more accessible and less messy for them. 



Seniors who may have reduced hand strength can use Easy-Up to secure spice jars or small bottles, making it easier to open them without having to hold onto them. 


Cooking assistance, in terms of holding glasses, pots, and bowls to prevent them from sliding, can make meal preparation safer and more enjoyable. 


Individuals with arthritis and weak hands 

For individuals with arthritis, Easy-Up can be an excellent tool for securing objects without having to grip or squeeze them, reducing strain and pain in hands and joints. 


Easy-Up can also be used to secure containers while they are opened with another device or with both hands, reducing the need for strong hand usage for both holding and opening. 


Individuals with hemiplegia 

Easy-Up can assist individuals with hemiplegia by securing various kitchen tools or ingredients steadily, allowing them to be operated with the functional hand. By securing things like a bowl for mixing or when opening bags, Easy-Up can help maximize independence and quality of life for cooking tasks and other tasks at home. 


These examples illustrate how Easy-Up can be adapted to support different users with unique needs, making kitchen activities or other tasks at home more accessible and pain-free for everyone. 



Watch the videoes that gives an in-depth demonstration of how Easy-Up can assist people here. 


Find more demonstrations on our YouTube channel. 

Accessories for Easy-Up

Easy-Drink™ (ED-400)
Set of 2 holders for plastic bottles (PET 500ml) + 1 liter carton (Tetra Pak) + 330ml and ½l bottles.

Easy-Mini™ (EM-410)
Set with a round neoprene adapter for smaller objects and a rectangular neoprene adapter for square objects.

Easy-Warm™ (EH-410)
1 silicone square for hot pots, pans etc. (max. 200°C)

Easy-Egg™ (EE-410)
Holder for eggs which makes it easy to peel eggs. Incl. mat to protect the neoprene surface.

Easy Release™ (EP-400)
Lid opener for glasses and other lids with negative pressure.

Easy-Cover™ (EC-400)
Set of 3 thin silicone cloths that protect your Easy-Up from getting dirty.

EW 410 Easy-Warm Varmefaste Silikonering