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Wheeleo Wheeleo

The Wheeleo® rollator-cane

The Wheeleo® rollator-cane is the only walking aid where you only need one hand for continuous support.

A traditional multi-point cane can be maneuvered with one hand and provides support and stability, however the downside of a traditional multi-point cane is that its user have to lift the cane from the ground at every second step.  

That is why Belgian Wheeleo® have developed the world’s first quad-point cane with wheels, which combines the effortless and smooth stride, usually associated with a walking frame, with the compact and stable design of regular mutli-point cane. With its four massive rubber wheels, the Wheeleo® will ensure optimal safety and support without compromising mobility, thus enabling its user to preserve and cultivate their independence, confidence, and happiness.

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Safety and Stability  

Tripping and falling can oftentimes have serious physical and mental consequences, wherefore many people choose to acquire some kind of walking aid – even before the damage is done! Thanks to its rolling design, the Wheeleo will always stand perfectly upright by your side.  

The Wheeleo will, similarly to a walking frame, always move forward rather than tilting. For this reason, brakes are not required to prevent the user from falling. On the contrary, adding brakes to Wheeleo would actually increase the risk of the stick tilting. As Wheeleo write on their website: 

“After use of Wheeleo®, this question [regarding brakes] is generally not relevant for the majority of patients.” 

Should the user lose his/her balance, the user would automatically push the Wheeleo to a stable and natural position, without having to lift the cane off the ground. Furthermore, the Wheeleo is height adjustable, and can therefore be adapted to the specific needs of its user. 

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Independence is priceless in day-to-day life. The Wheeleo® is smaller and lighter than a regular walking frame, and therefore easier to handle in confined spaces. A scientific study*, conducted by the Belgian University Hospital, Centre Neurologique William Lennox, showed that the continuous grounding of the Wheeleo allows its users to move both faster and more smoothly, when compared to a regular multi-point cane. As an example, the 32 respondents from the study, all of whom had suffered from hemiplegia, experienced a 22 % increase in walking speed during spontanious movement, as well as a 50 % increase in walking speed during 6-minute walking tests.

Consequently, the study showed a general satisfaction increase amongst Wheeleo® consumers,  compared to users of a traditional multi-point cane. The continuous and stabile support provided by the Wheeleo will in this way avail the user in sustaining his/her confidence and independence.  

Who can benefit from the Wheeleo®?

The Wheeleo® provides the same continous and smooth stride, usually obtained with a traditional walking frame, combined with the compact and sturdy design of a traditional multi-point cane. We therefore sometimes refer to the Wheeleo® as a one-handed walking frame. For this reason, the Wheeleo® might be beneficial for a lot of people with various disabilities or challenges, such as: 

  • Muscle weakness, cramps, arthritis, or similar disabilities 
  • People with paralysis on one side (hemiplegia) 
  • People with reduced strength in the arm or hand, or other disabilities involving the hand or arm 
  • People with visual disabilities  
  • Suitable for rehabilitation purposes after a fall, illness or brain injury, such as a stroke  
  • Suitable for people where a walking frame would be too large / unhandy, while a cane or a traditional multi-point cane would not provide sufficient support 

The Wheeleo might just be your ideal walking buddy.  Check out what Wheeleo costumers have to say

I couldn’t believe it. Once in my hand it changed my life completely. I left my walking frame in the hall, but the Wheeleo is always close to me!”  

“Unstable Wheeleo? Try it, it’s the complete opposite!” 

“It’s like I always have someone at my side to help me walk. A real life companion! And so reassuring!” 

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  • Read the scientific report here: Deltobe, T. (2020). Gait improvement in adults with hemiparesis using a rolling cane: A cross-over trial. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Vol 52, Issue 7
  • Wheeleo web page 

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