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Edith Gosvig

The Handigood Team

Since October 2021, Edith Gosvig has been the head of Handigood. She is highly proficient in production, marketing, sales, finance and general administration.


Handigood lager

Realising the Idea

Handigood was established by the Danish inventor, John Jensen in October 2014. After an operation in his right hand, and not being able to use his arm for three weeks, Mr. Jensen had an idea. He needed something which would hold in place everyday objects such as a jar of jam, a milk carton, a can of tuna, pill bottles, coffee jars, and soda bottles, enabling him to open all of these with just one hand.

However, there were no products available to do exactly this job. The result of John’s invention was our patented Easy-Up, which marked the start of Handigood.

handigood socialt ansvar

Our Social Responsibility

“People who need a helping hand work for us, helping other people around the world, who also need a helping hand.”

Since its establishment, Handigood has supported the fundamental socioeconomic principals. Today, Handigood employs those who have reduced ability to work, people on financial support, people looking to get work experience, early retirement pensioners etc.

Additionally, we are working in close collaboration with non-profits as well as other organizations, who are dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities, arthritis, blood clots, and more.