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HandiGood Retailers

Here is an overview of HandiGood retailers.

If you wish to become a retailer of HandiGood’s products, please contact us at info@handigood.com or +45 22 78 30 40

Retailers in Denmark


HandiGood Retailers Danish Care Supply's logo

Many of our products can be bought at Danish Care Supply.

Danish Care Supply is one of the leading retailers of assistive tools in Denmark and sell many different forms of assistive devices. Their office and warehouse is located in Randers and stock a great deal of HandiGood products.

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HandiGood retailers - Gloria Mundi Care's logo

Gloria Mundi Care offers a wide variety of HandiGood products and other assistive tools. Gloria Mundi Care is based in Fredericia and sell products for both your kitchen, bathroom and your home office.

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HandiGood retailers - Senior Pleje's Care's logo

Seniorpleje specializes in products for the elderly and people who suffer from dementia. Therefore, we feel that our relationship is right.

Seniorpleje sells many different assistive tools and now also a variety of HandiGood products.

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HandiGood retailers - Pro Care's logo

PROcare ApS is a retailer of assistive tools for professionals and private persons. They sell products for occupational and physio therapists and now you can also find HandiGood products in their product range.

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HandiGood retailers - SeniorSam's logo

SeniorSam mainly sells assistive tools with seniors in mind. They are one the biggest retailers in the country and in addition to their web shop, they also have physical stores in Aalborg City Syd and Sundby Thy.

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HandiGood retailers - Seniorshop's logoHandiGood retailers - Seniorlife's logo

Seniorshop offers a great variety of assistive tools for seniors. Seniorshop is a family-owned business and has a store in Herlev and a web shop in both Denmark and Sweden.

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Jadea's logo

We are happy to present our partnership with Jadea.

Jadea is specialized in assistive tools and guidance for both children and adults. They have a large web shop, filled with assistive tools and welfare technology.

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HandiGood retailers - Spektrum's logo

HandiGood partners with Spektrum

Back in 2007, Spektrum Shop started as a publishing company. They have since moved to also stocking assistive tools, focusing mainly on people on the autism spectrum. However, they also have products for people with eating disorders, dementia, and ADHD.

Visit their website.

Retailers in other countries

HandiGood retailers - TRS' logo

TRS Schlaganfallprodukte is our partner in Germany.

They specialize in sensorimotor and rehabilitation.

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Ramper.no's logo

Ramper.no specializes in ramps for installation in places, that would otherwise not be accessible for wheelchair users or those who are walking-impaired. However, their web shop has a wide assortment of assistive tools and now also stocks the Easy-Up.

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