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Here, we have gathered reviews from Easy-Up users who have given feedback on our products.

If you wish to give feedback as well, please do contact us at info@handigood.com – we look forward to hearing about your experience with our products.

The Easy-Up helps me every day when I need to open different kinds of jars. Now, I can stand baking and mixing for longer. I don’t have to use energy holding the bowl and whatever I’m using for mixing since now I can use both my hands for opening and mixing.

  • Grethe, 74 years


A broken shoulder meant that everything that I did, I had to do with just one hand. Many times a day I would see how much of an inconvenience it was that I couldn’t keep hold of a can that I wanted to open or a jar that I needed to close. But HandiGood solved a lot of these problems. It could even hold my mixing bowl, enabling me to bake bread for breakfast again. HandiGood is a Helping Hand in my everyday life – and it’s even got a smart looking design.

  • Agna Thinggaard – Shoulder operation (rehabilitation)


We think the Easy-Up is very good and practical when you are physically challenged. It makes opening tins and jars and mixing bowls so much easier. When using the Easy-Up, I can do all of this with just one hand. Easy-Up has eased our everyday life because all of these things are easier and we therefore save energy doing these things. Furthermore, you get the feeling that you are not restricted because of your handicap and that you can succeed with things without getting annoyed with how difficult they can be.

  • Maria with muscular dystrophy and Maria’s husband with Water Syndrome