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New Easy-Up! 

We have some exciting news that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you. After extensive development and testing, we are now launching the new and improved Easy-Up ER530, which replaces the old Easy-Up ER470. The price remains unchanged. 


Longer Lifespan and Improved Performance 

We are pleased to introduce the new and improved Easy-Up ER530!

This upgraded model offers several enhancements to increase comfort and efficiency:


  • Extended battery life of up to 12 hours, allowing for longer uninterrupted use. 
  • New light display that provides clear information on usage and battery status. 
  • Stronger suction power and quieter operation for a more pleasant user experience. 
  • Drain feature that protects the motor from damage if liquid enters the intake. 
  • USB-C port for charging. 
  • Improved hardware that ensures increased operational reliability. 
  • Longer warranty, all the improvements of Easy-Up result in a 3-year warranty on the product. 

Welfare Technology for Everyone


Easy-Up is one of our most popular products and is designed for anyone needing an extra hand. It is welfare technology aimed at helping families with children, seniors, arthritis patients, and people with hemiplegia or other impairments in arms and hands.


Easy-Up comes with accessory packages, which include the carton holder, soda holder, Easy-Mini for small items, Easy-Warm for pans and pots, and Easy-Release for opening jars, such as jam jars.


Easy-Up can be used to hold food and beverages, bowls, pots, pans, pill bottles, and other items that can fit on the surface or in one of the accessories.


Objects placed on the platform are held in place by a vacuum, while Easy-Up is secured to the work surface by the same vacuum.


You can work freely with the objects placed on Easy-Up, and many everyday containers can be easily opened and closed with just one hand. As long as the unit is on, a vacuum is maintained, keeping the item on the platform and Easy-Up securely on the work surface.


When Easy-Up is turned off, the vacuum quickly reduces, and the object is released.

Easy-Up – The Extra Hand Always Ready to Help

The vacuum holder, Easy-Up, is a tool for those who need an extra helping hand. For example, you might have a child with you in the kitchen, need to use both hands, have lost some strength in your hands with age, or have arthritis or other reduced hand function.

Easy-Up is the helping hand that, with a single press, creates a vacuum and secures an object to its surface while also attaching itself firmly to the countertop. You can now work freely with the object without worrying about it tipping over or sliding.

Easy-Up is particularly suitable for:




People with arthritis or weak hands

People with hemiplegia

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Easy-Up senior


Versatility is key

The versatility of Easy-Up makes it a useful tool for a wide range of users with different needs. Here are some examples of how it can be useful in the kitchen for different groups:

Children Easy-Up can be used with children in the kitchen to hold small packages or containers with ingredients that children might find difficult to hold while pouring or measuring. This can make cooking more accessible and less messy for them.

Seniors Seniors, who may have reduced hand strength, can use Easy-Up to hold spice jars or small bottles, making it easier to open them without needing to grip tightly.

Easy-Up can also assist with holding glasses, pots, and bowls to prevent them from sliding, making meal preparation safer and more enjoyable.

People with arthritis and weak hands For people with arthritis, Easy-Up can be a fantastic tool for holding objects without needing to grip or squeeze them, reducing strain and pain in the hands and joints.

Easy-Up can also be used to hold containers while they are being opened with another device or with both hands, reducing the need for strong hand use for both holding and opening.

People with hemiplegia Easy-Up can assist people with hemiplegia by securely holding various kitchen utensils or ingredients so they can be operated with the functioning hand. By holding items like a bowl for mixing or a bag for cutting, Easy-Up can help maximize independence and quality of life during cooking and other household tasks.

Demonstration See more demonstrations on our  YouTube-kanal. 

Accessories for Easy-Up

Easy-Drink™ (ED-410)
Sæt med 2 fastholdere til plastikflasker (PET 500ml) + 1 liters karton (Tetra Pak) + 330ml og ½l flasker.

Easy-Mini™ (EM-410)
Sæt med en rund neopren adapter til mindre genstande og en rektangulær neopren adapter til firkantede genstande.

Easy-Warm™ (EW-410)
Silikone ring til varme gryder, pander etc. (max. 200°C)

Easy Release™ (ER-410)
Lågåbner til glas og andre låg med undertryk.

Extra accessories

Easy-Egg™ (EE-410)
Holder til æg som gør det nemt at pille æg. Inkl. måtte til at beskytte neopren overfladen.

Easy-Cover™ (EC-410)
Sæt med 3 tynde silikoneduge, der beskytter din Easy-Up fra at blive beskidt.

Easy-Up m. tilbehør

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