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Easy-Warm™- Heat-Resistant rings for Easy-Up

Item no. EW-410

HandiGood’s Easy-Warm silicone rings are part of the range of functional accessories for your Easy-Up. This set includes two heat-resistant silicone rings. The larger ring can be used for pots and pans, and the smaller ring is ideal for things such as pill bottles.

Both rings are heat-resistant up to 200°.


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Easy-Warm – Heat resistant silicone rings

The heat-resistant Easy-Warm are accessories that make the Easy-Up applicable in even more situations. If you’re ever in a situation where you’ve had difficulties mixing ingredients in a pot or stirring a warm pot, this combination is for you.

The Easy-Warm set consists of two heat resistant, silicone rings. The large ring is useful when wanting to fixate larger objects, such as pots, pans and many other, larger, objects with a flat base. Placing the ring upon your Easy-Up lets you hold large, hot objects in place, while stirring a pot or pan.

The smaller ring can be used for smaller objects with a flat base, such as spices, pill bottles, food containers and much more – they don’t have to be hot or cold, as long as they fit the size of the ring.

Easy-Warm is heat resistant up to 200 degrees Celsius, allowing you to use them in countless situations. The heat-resistant rings can be dried off with a dishcloth and are dishwasher safe.

Easy-Warm and Easy-Up

Easy-Warm is just one of the products in our growing line of accessories for the Easy-Up. They are designed specifically for use with the Easy-Up. We do not recommend using them with other products. Do not place warm items on the Easy-Up without first placing the Easy-Warm rings on top of it.

If you need more inspiration for how to use the Easy-Up, visit our YouTube channel. At the moment, the videos are in Danish, but it is possible to turn on English subtitles for all newer videos.

Accessories for the Easy-Up

Here is a list of our Easy-Up accessories:

Just like every other Easy-Up product, the Easy-Warm silicone rings are designed and manufactured in Denmark.

Weight0,05 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 0,3 cm

Weight: 20g
Diameter: 152 / 84 mm
Height: 3 mm
Heat-resistant up to  200°