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Easy-Drink™ – Bottle and carton holder for Easy-Up

Item no. ED-400

The Easy-Drink set contains one bottle holder and one carton holder. Both can be suctioned on to your Easy-Up and stick firmly to the top allowing for easier opening of water bottles, milk cartons and yoghurt cartons with just one hand.


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High customer satisfaction

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Easy-Drink – Bottle and carton holder

If you ever have problems opening bottles and cartons, the Easy-Drink will a welcome addition to your line of Easy-Up accessories.

The square carton-holder can be used for opening milk and yoghurt cartons. The carton-holder is suctioned onto the Easy-Up, making for easy opening and closing of cartoned products with just one hand.

The round bottle-holder can be used for opening of water and soda bottles.
As with the carton-holder, the bottle-holder must be suctioned onto the Easy-Up. The base of the bottle-opener has a slanted block holding the bottle in place allowing you to unscrew the lid with just one hand.

Both the carton and bottle-holder can be cleaned with a dishcloth and can be used in combination with our Easy-Off screw cap-opener for even easier opening.

Both products are developed and manufactured in Denmark and are made of durable plastic.

Easy-Drink and Easy-Up

For the Easy-Drink bottle and carton holders to work as intended, they must be used in conjunction with the Easy-Up.

If you haven’t already acquired an Easy-Up, you can do it here

You can watch demonstration videos of the Easy-Up on our YouTube channel.

Accessories for the Easy-Up

Here is a list of our Easy-Up accessories:

Weight0,1 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 6 cm

Weight: 41g (bottle-holder) / 55g (carton-holder)
Diameter: 75mm (bottle-holder)
Dimensions (l/w/h): 80 x 80 x 56 mm (carton-holder)