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Easy-Up – Rechargeable w. Accessory Kit

Item no. ER470SET

This kit contains both an Easy-Up and our most popular accessories. These make handling even more item easier than ever before.

Easy-Up is an electronic object-fastner for people who experience loss of mobility in their hands, arms, joints, and fingers.
This simple device acts as a helping hand which can hold onto jars, bowls, bottles, tin cans and much more so you can utilise them withjust one hand.

Easy-Up comes in both a rechargable and a battery-powered version.

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High customer satisfaction

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Easy-Up is excellent for use in the kitchen as well as any other situation where you may need a helping hand for fixating a product, for instance in the bathroom or on the bedside table.

With an Easy-Up you are able to open food containers, cook, and apply makeup even if previously this has been difficult or impossible. The ability to take care of oneself is a freedom that many people take for granted but which can have an immense effect on one’s joy of life.

This accessory kit contains some of our most popular accessories: The Easy-Drink bottle and carton holder, Easy-Warm silicone rings, Easy-Mini neoprene rings and the Easy-Release lid opener.

Battery-powered or Rechargable Easy-Up?

The biggest difference between the variants is whether they are rechargable or use a 9V battery. The battery-powered versions utilize a 9V battery which can be easily replaced. The rechargable versions come with a fully charged built-in battery and a charger. The built-in battery can power your Easy-Up for 1.5 hours, though typically, the unit will only be in use for a few minutes at a time. You can use the Easy-Up while it is charging, thus, even if it does run out of power during cooking you can easily plug in the charger and carry on cooking.

If you plan on making the Easy-Up a permanent part of your daily-life HandiGood reccomends the rechargable version. The battery-powered version may be more suitable if you only plan on using the Easy-Up once in a while.

The video below is in Danish, however you can turn on subtitles. You can watch more videos of the Easy-Up here.

Weight0,755 kg
Dimensions28 × 22 × 8 cm

9 volt, Rechargeable

Weight: 415 g
Diameter: 160 mm
Height: 50 mm
Battery: 9V (6LR61) (included) OR built-in rechargable battery

Invented and Manufactured in Denmark

Easy-Up in produced in Galten, a small town in Central Jutland. The facilities have grown a bit since John Jensen invented the Easy-Up in his own workshop – today we have 42 people working in our factory and warehouse – but the desire to help people help themselves is still the same as before.