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Easy-Off™ – Foil Remover

Varenr. EO-200


The electric foil-remover Easy-Off helps you with easily removing foil from warm food trays or food packaging. The foil-remover automatically rolls the foil around the rubber-covered bar so you don’t have to use either fine motor skills or strength to remove the foil.

Easy-Off Foil Remover

The Easy-Off foil-remover is designed for helping remove plastic foil from food trays, cold cut packaging and the likes. It has a rubber-covered bar which grips plastic foil while the built-in motor in the handle turns the rubber bar. Thus, the Easy-Off rolls off foil without you having to anything else but guide it over the product.

Even without functional impairment, opening foil-covered packaging, especially trays with hot food, can sometimes be very difficult. This challenge becomes even more difficult for people with arthritis or other functional impairments. However, it does not have to be this hard. With the Easy-Off, removing foil packaging from trays and other foods covered in foil packaging is easier than ever before.

The Easy-Off foil-remover uses a 9V battery which is inserted into the bottom of the handle.

Easy-Off and Easy-Up

The foil remover is designed with the ability to use it on its own or with the Easy-Up. If you want to remove plastic foil from a product, but can only use one hand, or if you need to use both hands to grip the Easy-Off, we recommend using the Easy-Up to hold down the item. Thus, you can focus on letting the Easy-Off remove the foil.

If you need more inspiration for how to use the Easy-Up, visit our YouTube channel. At the moment, the videos are in Danish, but it is possible to turn on English subtitles for all newer videos.

Accessories for the Easy-Up

Here is a list of our Easy-Up accessories:


Weight 0,02 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

Weight: 155g
Length: 450mm