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    Easy-Cover™ – Protective Cover for Easy-Up (Set of 3)

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Assistive devices for people with partial paralysis

The Helping Hand from Handigood

Handigood produces assistive devices which function as an extra hand for people, who experience reduced mobility and strength in arms and hands.

When everyday tasks such as opening lids and stirring bowls become hard to carry out it impacts one’s quality of life – at Handigood, we aim to do something about this.

People age, many get arthritis, some experience paralysis, are involved in accidents, need rehabilitation – Handigood is for everyone who needs a helping hand.

To see what products we offer, go to our webshop. All of our products are described on the product pages. That way, you can find the right Easy-Up and accessories for you.

One Product for a Large Target Group

Do you experience difficulties with holding or opening pill bottles, jars, cartons or bottles? Or even peeling an egg?

We have a large target audience, but what most have in common is that, for one reason or the other, they have reduced mobility in their arms and/or hands. This can be related to ageing or illnesses such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, sclerosis, complications because of thrombus, brain injury, or accidents; or disabilities

Therefore, the Easy-Up is evident in situations of rehabilitation, but also as kitchen equipment in homes, where there is a need for assistive tools.

Watch the video on the left to see examples of how to use the Easy-Up in everyday situations. Note: The video is in Danish, but there are subtitles available, which can be turned on in the bottom-right corner.

For more demonstration videos of the Easy-Up, go to our YouTube Channel. At the moment, all videos are in Danish, but they all have the option to  turn on English subtitles.

Wheeleo – Four-point cane with wheels

This new walking aid is already popular in Belgium and France – we are happy to present the news on the Danish market!

The rolling multi-point cane from Wheeleo ensures safe and stable walking without compromising mobility. A Wheeleo provides the same continuous support as a walker, but is the size of a traditional multi-point cane.

According to a scientific study, the user achieves a faster and smoother movement with a Wheeleo than with a regular four-legged cane, since the user does not have to lift the cane between each step,

A Wheeleo is an ideal walking aid for people with challenges such as:

  • Muscle weakness, cramps, arthritis, or similar impairments
  • People with paralysis on one side (hemiplegia)
  • People with visual impairments
  • Suitable for rehabilitation / rehabilitation after a fall, illness or brain injury, such as stroke / apoplexy.

Find the smart one-handed rollator from Wheeleo in our Shop or see more on the Handigood YouTube Channel.