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Are you looking for an alternative to a rollator?

In a world where mobility is key to independence and quality of life, having access to the right aid is crucial, especially for those with walking difficulties. Traditionally, many have turned to rollators for support and safety during walks, but a new alternative has emerged on the marketWheeleo, an innovative rolling stick that combines the best of a rollator and a traditional multi-point stick. This unique walking aid from Handigood offers a range of benefits for users seeking a safe, stable, and autonomous solution for their mobility needs. 


Continuous support with just one hand 


Wheeleo stands out from traditional walking aids by requiring only one hand for operation, offering continuous support and effortless walking. With its modern and compact design and adjustable height, Wheeleo ensures both a safe and stable walk. The four solid rubber wheels guarantee smooth movement without the risk of tipping, making brakes unnecessary – a clear advantage over conventional rollators. 


Safety and stability above all 


One of the primary focuses of Wheeleo is to minimize the risk of falls, which is a significant concern for many, especially the elderly. Thanks to its rolling design and constant downward pressure, Wheeleo provides a natural and stable position when in use, increasing the user’s confidence and mobility. 


Promoting autonomy and independence 


Wheeleo is designed to promote independence in users with reduced mobility. It is lighter and more manageable than a traditional rollator, making it ideal for confined spaces. A scientific study* has shown that Wheeleo allows users to move faster and more safely than with traditional multi-point sticks, increasing both satisfaction and quality of life for the user. 


Recommended by professionals 


Physiotherapists recommend the use of Wheeleo for rehabilitation after events such as strokes, as it encourages a more balanced weight distribution and fluid walking. Wheeleo is regarded not only as an aid but also as an effective training tool. 


Ideal for a wide range of users 


Whether experiencing muscle weakness, paralysis, reduced strength in arms or hands, or other physical challenges, Wheeleo offers a new degree of mobility and independence. It is also highly suitable for rehabilitation and recovery after falls, illness, or brain injury. 

Customer and professional evaluation 


User reviews and professional statements underline Wheeleo’s positive impact on quality of life. Many express how Wheeleo has significantly improved their mobility and independence, testifying to the product’s success and effectiveness. 




For those with walking difficulties seeking an alternative to the traditional rollator, Wheeleo offers a unique solution that combines mobility, safety, and style. With its one-hand design, safety features, and focus on independence, Wheeleo stands out as an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain their mobility and zest for life. 


Wheeleo is not just a walking aid; it’s a life-changing companion. 


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